Three sisters

Lana, Tala and Lin, three sisters aged 16, 13 and 7, live in the Aida refugee camp on the outskirts of Bethlehem. Gentle and with a sweet smile, they are very close together, mainly because of the common problem of HEARING LOSS. Loved by their parents, the three sisters have been attending our school since they were two. With their commitment, intuition and obstinacy they now know how to communicate well and have excellent results at school.

The father is a tailor, but today his work is very limited due to the difficult economic situation in the West Bank. The housewife mother has recently opened a beauty salon to help maintain the family, although at the moment there aren’t many customers.

Lana has a particular interest in drawing; when she has free time or wants to express some of her inner feelings, she draws, leaving her imaginative soul free.

Tala likes to dance; she is attending an Arab dance course "Dabke" in Effetà and is good at it. She does not hear the music but uses the rhythm to coordinate body movements.

Lin is in first grade. She is nice, playful, talkative and social .....

The three sisters live peacefully even though they must have a lot of courage to face a society that discriminates them for being different.

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