A moment of peace in a time of war

Teaching Sisters of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts


Entering into this world, the Son of God finds a place where animals gather to eat. The hay becomes the first bed for Him who will be revealed as 'the bread come down from heaven' (John 6:41). The way God acts is almost bewildering because it seems impossible for Him to give up His glory to become a man like us. What a surprise to see God taking on our own behaviors: He sleeps, drinks milk from His mother, cries, and plays like all children!" (Pope Francis, Admirabile signum)


In preparation for Christmas, yesterday, on December 9th, the Sisters of Ephpheta Paolo VI in Bethlehem had the great gift of being able to pause in the grotto of Bethlehem from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, right in the place where Jesus became flesh to give us His love and peace.


Savoring the silence and the scent of incense, in an atmosphere of great peace, they presented the entire world before Jesus, all the Sisters of our beloved Congregation, with every desire for good, also asking for the gift of new vocations.


In particular, they asked Jesus to stop the war in Gaza, an inhuman and atrocious war, as well as in many parts of the world, and to change the hearts of those who govern the people so that they become builders of humanity, peace, and justice.