Updates from Effeta Institute by Principal Scarlet Jaber


Scarlet Jaber, 19th october 2023


The school year 2023-2024 began relatively calmly and peacefully, but here in Bethlehem, unforeseen events and challenges have become a daily occurrence.


The recent happenings in the past few weeks have had a negative impact on our students, as in-person learning is the only practical method, or at least the one that has the greatest impact on the educational journey of hearing-impaired children.


However, this has never deterred us, neither during the pandemic nor now. We are constantly exploring new methods to ensure the best possible learning experience for our students, even in times like these, marked by conflict.


The difficulties our students face in reaching the school and the lack of safety have forced us to temporarily close our Institute. But, together with our dedicated staff, we have devised a plan to offer remote learning. We are giving our students the opportunity to continue their lessons and organizing meetings for our teachers to ensure the continuity of education for our students, despite the daily challenges and fear.


In Arabic, the word "Effetà" means "open" or "to open." It is not just the name of our institute; it is a representation of our commitment to inclusivity. It symbolizes an openness that transcends physical barriers and borders, an openness that speaks of acceptance and equality. Even in these trying times, we will do everything in our power to stay close to our students, even from afar.