Appeal from the Dorotee Sisters of the Effeta Institute in Bethlehem


October 12, 2023


Dear friends,


The current conflict is very heavy and tends to worsen. For some time, there has been a sense of tension, but no one expected a surprise attack.


Here in Bethlehem, we are relatively calm, enclosed within the wall (Gaza Strip is far away). Our school, like others, is closed; shops are shut, and all work permits have been canceled. Therefore, the daily bread is lacking for the poor.


All of this is terrible, and there is much suffering and pain.


The only weapon we can use is to implore the Lord without growing weary, the true "King of Peace" and "Mercy," to touch the hearts of the major responsible figures and remind them that we are all children of God and that there is no peace without justice!

A special thank you goes to all our friends and benefactors who support Effeta through their prayers, affection, and friendship.


Thank you!
We say thank you together with our Superior, Sister Carmela Dal Barco, and all the sisters in the community.