Compulsory school

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Effeta institute is open from Monday to Friday to students from the 1st to 12th grade. The average stay of a child at Effeta is 13 to 14 years in order to obtain the maximum rehabilitation and educational benefits.

The minimum number of students per class is 4 children, while the maximum is 12. In the school, boys and girls study together in the same class as there is no kind of division or difference between them.

The students are helped collectively and individually to overcome the difficulties of understanding and stimulated to communication and learning. In the classroom, the teachers carry out activities aimed at developing the main language skills: the production and the comprehension of written and spoken Arabic language. These lessons are also accompanied by the teaching of complementary subjects such as history, geography and natural sciences. The teaching staff, while adhering to the ministerial programs, researches and uses innovative methodologies and activities, suitable for the rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired child. The integrated use of proper teaching materials specifically created for the purpose, such as illustrated charts, posters, audio-visual media and computer tools, facilitates the learning process of the students.