The support of the John Paul II Foundation

A project to help the children of the Effetà Paul VI school in Bethlehem, Palestine.

In 2015, thanks to a three-year project funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the John Paul II Foundation, a project has been created for improving the services that the school offers to its students in various areas:; medical, educational,and speech therapy and rehabilitation.

Thanks to the availability of Italian and local institutes of excellence involved in the Project, training and awareness were organized involving both, teachers and families. This important project has brought the Institute to a level of excellence in Palestine concerning training and rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired children of the area.

With the funds allocated to the Project, it was also possible to set up an audiometric clinic inside the School managed by a specialized hearing care professional. A process of monitoring and evaluation of the children's hearing has also begun, not previously provided by the Institute. 

In order to give a concrete response to the problems of the Palestinian territories, the project is also working with the network of hospitals in the area in order to ensure highly-specialized equipment and skills. The combination of which will be able to follow the child from birth in order to ensure an early diagnosis. These steps will allow to identify any pathologies and start a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program that includes a speech, education and support for the child and the family.  

In order to guarantee scholastic and medical services such as: diagnosis, rehabilitation and care accessible to all Palestinian children, the John Paul II Foundation has activated a fundraising service, of which this site is one of the tools which is dedicated to the Effetà Institute to guarantee and improve the services rendered by the school and to support the huge costs necessary for the education and rehabilitation of hearing impaired children.